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5 ways to use a Lemon! 🍋

We love a bit of citrus. 🍋

We have not only a Lemon & Lime Gin but a Sherbet Lemon Vodka too that makes your heart go ping!  Perfect for drinking at home, with friends and even better added to cocktails. LINK

Both these drinks hit hard well with their citrussy ZING – try you see… there’s more lemon.

We’ve come up with 5 other ways to use a lemon!

Bake – lemons bring out the sweetness to a lemon drizzle cake

Mousse – ever mixed lemon juice, whisked up eggs with sugar and folded together with double cream – try it.

Fish – try squeezing a lemon wedge over a piece of fish-it adds a certain zing to it.

Detox – start your day with a mug of hot water, a slice of lemon – great for digestion before the caffeine consumption begins.

Make the fridge smell fresh – add some lemon peel to get rid of any strong smells in your fridge – works wonders!

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