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Earth Day 2023

Earth Day is an annual event, held on April 22nd, dedicated to raising awareness and inspiring action to tackle the environmental challenges facing our planet. The theme this year is “Invest in Our Planet” – designed to persuade businesses, governments and people around the world of the need to invest in our planet to improve our environment.

There are a number of different ways to take part in Earth Day and there will be events taking place in your local area. We’ve got five great (and really simple) ideas which will have a positive impact on the environment, the people and wildlife that live there.

  1. One hour litter-picking (don’t forget to look out for the blackthorn blossom and swallows)
  2. Leave the car at home for the day (we don’t think it will mind)
  3. Plant a tree or native wildflowers
  4. Make a bird feeder (and then feed the birds)
  5. Take a re-usable or cloth bag when you go shopping

Here on Green Farm, we are constantly looking for ways to better monitor and examine our impact, both positive and negative, on the environment. Since our conception in 2002, care for the environment has been at the heart of everything we do. The origins of the business and the background of Joff Curtoys, one of the founding partners, as conservationist and ecologist, means that minimising our impact on the environment (and enhancing it, if possible) has always been a central consideration in the development of the business. For more information, here’s our Environmental, Social & Governance Report where we explain in more detail what we do and what changes we will be making to continue our work protecting this wonderful world in which we live and work.

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