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The Importance of Mother's Day: Celebrating Love, Gratitude, and Appreciation

Mothering Sunday (or Mother’s Day) is the perfect day to show how much we love and appreciate our mothers for all that they do for everyone. Mums really do deserve a special something to show them how much we care.

We know flowers are lovely and chocolates are great (she might even choose the gift of a full night’s uninterrupted sleep) but we think she’d really appreciate a gift that she can enjoy in a rare moment of peace and relaxation. A chance to pour a classic G&T or make a beautiful gin cocktail, sit back and savour the moment.

Gin is a gin-ius gift (see what we did there) for this Mother’s Day. We have different flavours to suit all mums.

Do they enjoy a traditional gin and tonic? Try the Finders London Dry Gin; refreshing and dry this is a timeless tipple with citrus hints. Serve with tonic and a slice of lemon.

A fruity twist on a traditional gin? Try the Finders Fruits of the Forest; a cheeky blend of mixed forest berries in a dry gin. Serve with Mediterranean tonic and a squeeze of lime.

Can’t decide? We also have the beautifully presented Finders Gift Packs, containing three or eight 5cl bottles of the Finders range of spirits. These gift packs are a gorgeous gift idea for Mother’s Day, a chance to sample a selection of our lovely spirits, all presented in a beautifully designed gift box (and it’s easy to wrap!).

When you order through our online shop, we can include your personalised special message on a gift postcard that will be included with your order. All delivery T&C’s can be found on our website.

Let’s celebrate and appreciate all the important women in our lives this Mother’s Day; a time to show our love, gratitude, and appreciation for everything that they have done - and will do - for us.

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